It’s Time We Finally Saw the True Colors of Many Leaders

I actually think politics is just a big bag of beautiful words that leaders use to advance their nation’s interest without coming on too strong. With just enough charisma and the politically-correct words, any leader could make another nation think twice about their actions.

The funny part with the whole Ukraine-Russia dilemma is that they’re using beautiful words while they do with their actions otherwise. Actions speak louder than words and we can hear you clearly, Russia.

Recently, Russia had invaded government offices and military bases in Crimea. Crimea is part of Ukraine with 60% being Russian speakers, and a small community of Russians live in this part. Russia advanced its soldiers to invade the buildings. Pro Russians and Ukrainians protested against each other for Crimea’s annexation.

All of this happened because the new Ukraine Government had stripped the Russian language as part of its languages.

It was funny when the US condemned Russia’s actions in Crimea. They called it a violation of international laws as it was an invasion. However, looking at the US’ track record, they have got no right to condemn Russia, having invaded different countries accused of terrorism only to find nothing.

Yet the UN does nothing.

Words are beautiful things, but actions will always say who you are. In case of the US and Russia, both of them just want to appear the hero in the Ukraine crisis, because Ukraine can go from east to west depending on who’s coercing them.

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Work Accident Compensation Claims: Everything Must Be Viewed Professionally

I always view my workplace objectively, which is why some of my employees find me a bit of a ‘pisser’ in the office and then a jolly-good guy outside when we celebrate after a hard week’s work. They were quite new to it in the beginning, but then they grew to like it because it helped them recognize my authority and their productivity instead of being a bad leader.

At one point, one of my team members contracted radiation poisoning. One of the old cafeteria microwave ovens have finally overstepped its age.  I contacted human resources about it to ensure my team member gets the financial supports he needs.

My team member was properly medicated and he had flushed out the minimal radiation coming from the food he ate. However, it took him at least 3 months to do so. The company welcomed him back to work, but he was living on benefits because he lost wages in the process.

He consulted a no win no fee claims expert to help him know if he was due for lost benefits because the insurers told him the contract did not provide for such. According to UK employment law, loss of wages must be covered by the employer, or so says the claims expert. I told him to use the advice of his claims expert because it will be very helpful for him to recover his three months pay.

His claim is still in process now, but the company understands because he signed up for the contract at an early time the company could not yet afford insurances with lost wage benefits. Good on him to follow the claims expert’s advice.

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Total Surveillance: That’s What I’m Talking About

I’m not techno-phobic and I don’t also encourage the fact that the internet was made for squalid intentions by corporations and government, but with what’s happening to the world today, I can only say corporations are dirty. Corporations, not governments.

You see, any government could do the spy adventures that Edward Snowden described the US to be doing, but if you look at it now, the corporations are looking to be the “heroes” of the masses. They said to a letter to the Obama administration that they change their surveillance laws or else technology sales and development could be lacklustre with people lacking trust.

Any company may know that convenience is a human craving, and a smartphone is the best form of convenience because it helps you with its GPS tracker, information when you need it, a camera to capture where you are, and its functions as a communication device for both internet and telecommunication network calls.

Throw any unique futuristic device in the market and you’ll always find buyers for it.

You may mind the government seeing your Facebook posts, this blog post or even naked photos you share through private networks, but you do not mind the governments behind it. They may speak of a noble role for technology as they regard your privacy to the highest level, but they still have access to every account you own.

In the end, total surveillance serves the corporations. The hard part is that we don’t know how they were already using it to their advantage in the future because they are not transparent like governments.

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Why is the Al-Qaeda Still Alive and The Cliché-ness of It All

Iran recently promised Iraq that it would provide military support as the latter country continues to combat what they believe as operatives of al-Qaeda in their backyard. The Iraqi Prime Minister had even called upon the nation’s citizens to drive out the terrorists from the country. The terrorists are using Iraq to gain passage to Syria where their faction is currently in fierce combat against the government.

The Anbar province is seeing combat to day from al-Qaeda linked fighters. But we all thought al-Qaeda died with the death of Osama Bin-Laden, the “Mein Fuhrer” of the Islamic extremist group.

So why are the links still unbroken?

Picture this, the arms race (which happens on a daily basis) is a kind of a manufacturing plant. With so much toys, countries all over the world share their peace sentiments towards one another, so  they haven’t a place to try out their own toys or even a home for them.

Then they put it in the Middle East.

The tribal conflicts that have become sectarian wars, which mean to the citizen more than the sovereignty of their government, generate sales for the western countries. In any excuse, other countries just try to keep in check that the sale of weaponry is not beyond human comprehension, meaning, the weapons used will ensure survivors and validate the ideal being fought for.

This cliché movie/novel idea is probably something used up so much, it is unbelievable in real life.

But who knows anyway, right?


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Christmas Time is Refuelling Time

Personally, I enjoy Christmas very much. Like Thanksgiving, I get to spend time with my other siblings, my parents and friends. We give gifts to each other from the heart. This is the most innocent-looking time of the year. But at the back of it, I always think about how much profit had corporations and businesses earned through the upswing brought on by the Christmas season?

If you think about it, profits are the slowest on non-holiday seasons. By the end of the summer season into August and September, there is a short holiday block. Without any holidays, businesses have slower income. But come October, with the announcement of new products and services by companies in the third quarter of the fiscal year, people get hyped about what to get their children, their significant other or their parents.

Christmas time is refuelling time. It tops all other profits businesses make in the previous months before the last two weeks before the 25th of December. Santa was a fat guy simply because he showed abundance and well, the capitalist symbol bears gifts, at a price, especially if you’ve been “good”.

Being good to “Santa” is to save up enough money to buy the things to make you materially happy. Indeed, Santa is a symbol of materialism, the perfect mascot of joy, profit and hedonism.

But then again, nothing beats getting a reason to unite with your family and important people in your life with hot cocoa and a great, non-fast-food dinner. Merry Christmas everyone.


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Why the United Nations is Making Tie Ups With Iran

Since the 1979 Iranian revolution that involved the CIA and other members of the United Nations in apparently manipulating people in the highest echelons of Iran, the relationship between the western world and the Middle Eastern country had dwindled to more catastrophic situations. When it started its Nuclear Programme, Iran claimed that it was for medical and power-generation purposes. However, the western world sanctioned them for their actions.

However, just this weekend, the news tells us that the United States, along with the UN, had struck a deal with the long-time prodigal country. I exchange for partial relief from sanctions, Iran must dismantle some of its Uranium and ultimately stop getting more low-enriched Uranium for their programme.

Call me paranoid, but I think this has something to do with the Syrian war.

The two year civil war is now facing a new enemy as tethering peace talks between rebels and the regime are gaining pace and are becoming productive. However, al-Qaeda-tied rebels and groups are taking a chance for a power-grab in the area.

Iran is a close ally of the Syrian regime and if the United States and western countries have control of Iran, giving them a partial sanction, they could use their forces in clearing out al-Qaeda-tied groups and advance their own interests in Syria.

The first attempt of the western world was to control the Syrian rebels, but because of repeated vetos from Russia and China, the western world needed something else, someone in the area, but not inside the conflict, to help advance their interests.

Well, that’s no surprise at all, if you’d ask me. But then, these are just my two cents.


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PPI Claims: Firms Could Face Fines for Cold Calls

The United Kingdom has more than a hundred registered PPI complaints centres in every city and those unregistered with the Ministry of Justice and are sending rogue cold calls and text messages asking customers to making a PPI claim could be punished for their actions.

Claims management firms sending vast amounts of false PPI claims to bank claim centres will also be fined accordingly according to the Treasury and Ministry of Justice. This serves as their follow-up regarding the complaints of banks receiving thousands of false claims, which directly affect their administrative costs.

Most claims management companies get personal information of their consumers through unsolicited calls from which they spam text messages to such numbers they receive. In the case of mis sold PPI, claims management companies get a list of people with a high probability of being mis sold PPI.

According to the Ministry of Justice, they may also fine rogue claims management companies for misleading advertising, for taking payments from a consumer and failing to tell their consumers about the free service done by the Financial Ombudsman service.

Currenty, PPI claims is the biggest financial scandal in the United Kingdom. Experts estimate that PPI could amount to £20 billion in total redress midway through 2014.

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What’s Actually Wrong in the World Today?

It is an accepted fact that if the many would combine their forces to take down the higher accolades of society the entire world will reset and justice will be done, the world will never be a better place. According to famous writer William Burroughs, to initiate change, one must disrupt, attack and disappear. This means that whoever made the change cannot be a part of the new society they are in because he or she lives with the past and the knowledge he or she has can influence the events to re-development.

What is actually wrong in the world today is that people make a big deal out of things that naturally occur. While many will view this wrong, this is the actual reality the world lives in. For example, people dying because of calamities are caused naturally. One calls it artificial because the accident was man-made or caused by man-made endeavours in the past. But in reality, it is man’s nature to manipulate his or her surroundings to will, which makes it a natural occurrence.

Sadly, man’s actual drive is to destroy him or herself in the future. With many people having different interests, with conflicts driving up numbers of the dead and the unprivileged, the world is going in a wrong path. No benevolent leader or god could save the human race.

Not unless people begin seeing that petty things, including nationalism, national pride, territorial and national interests and patriotism will always be the key to discrimination of sexes, gender, work, mentality and tradition, the world will never be a better place.


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Why is Russia So Intent on Defending Syria?

Sure Pope Francis loves that Vladimir Putin is trying to plug a hole that almost broke through when the United States proposed a military strike after the chemical attack on August 21, but it doesn’t mean that the Russian President has nothing up his sleeve. Russia is a large economy and has arms agreements with different countries, including the Middle East.

Now before you tell me off because I’m pointing fingers, I’m just saying that what if Putin is up to something? Currently, after the United States, Russia and Syria had agreed that Syria’s chemical weapons have to go, Russia is still debating with the UN Security Council regarding the consequences of not fulfilling the Syrian deal.

It is obvious that Russia is Syria’s ally because most of the chemical weapons supplies and armaments were sold by Russia to the country. However, it is highly important to consider the fact that Russia might be holding an ace-in-the-hole in hand; an inside agent, a likely country that is war torn. This might be Syria.

What will Russia gain if Syria gets destroyed? Nothing. However, if Syria remains intact and with a leadership within the ranks of the Middle East, the US will have no influence or likely less influence in the Middle East.

Russia can make the Middle East its bread and butter after this conflict is settled.


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PPI News: Banks are Still Dragging Their Feet – FOS

Financial Ombudsman Chief Natalie Ceeney could not express her own disappointment as banks and financial companies continue to unnecessarily delay their customers claiming for mis sold PPI compensation. According to the independent agency, the FOS gained over 266,388 more PPI complaints in the first two quarters of 2013.

The Financial Ombudsman pointed out that 80% of the bank-rejected claims are actually legitimate complaints.

PPI is an insurance product designed to repay loans or credit cards but because many people sold the product did not need it, it gained its huge notoriety in the United Kingdom. A free PPI calculator could help you know the precise repayments you can get.

According to the Financial Conduct Authority, their investigation revealed that only six out of 18 financial companies including banks and building societies complied with the performance needed to resolve mis sold PPI effectively.

Experts and observers warn that if banks continue to delay customers with their inaction, they could face a greater need to set aside compensation and money for fines. Lloyds Banking Group was fined £4.2 million for delaying 140,000 consumers due their compensation.

In the event you need to make a PPI claim but have no idea where to begin, you could click here to help you get started in reclaiming what can be £3000 or more in compensation.

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